The song was also recorded by Hlne Sgara in 1998

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visit replica hermes handbags “Vivre” is a song written by Luc Plamondon and Riccardo Cocciante for the musical Notre Dame de Paris. It was recorded in 1997 by Noa and included on the Notre Dame de Paris album (1998). The song was also recorded by Hlne Sgara in 1998, who was selected to play Esmralda in the musical, following the withdrawal of Noa. Celine Dion recorded an English language version titled “Live (for the One I Love)” with lyrics by Will Jennings and included it on her 1999 greatest hits compilation, All the Way. A Decade of Song. In 2000, Dion’s version and another recording of “Live (for the One I Love)” by Tina Arena were included on the English language version of Notre Dame de Paris album. replica hermes handbags

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